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Detailed information about the project Agoy.Info

A friendly team of our company has the honor to present to your attention a new cognitive project about Agoy - Agoy.Info

This portal was developed in collaboration with well-known experts in this field, with the participation of a large number of highly qualified specialists, including those on website development. You have a unique opportunity to become one of those who will determine its content!

The design of our website Agoy.Info is adapted to any types of screens. It will be convenient for you to work with it both from a widescreen monitor and from a mobile phone screen.

One of the main directions of the project is continuous work on covering this important and interesting topic.

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The expected result from the project is the creation of an interactive (constantly growing) portal about Black Sea in Russia. Project participants collect and compile information materials, testimonials and reviews, materials on the features and history of the development of this matter.

Participation in the project opens up new opportunities for organizations and individuals, including the opportunity to declare oneself or about the products of your enterprise within our portal.

We are committed to the development of cooperation between all interested parties. Anyone can join our project and take part in the formation of an active information environment!

Important! All photos on the topics agoy, black sea и russia are licensed for use on the site Agoy.Info, but can be freely used by everyone if the corresponding signatures are kept.

We invite everyone who wants to learn more about Sochi suburb and shares our desire to make Agoy.Info more interesting - to take part in our project!

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