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Renting apartments in Sochi this summer may double in price amid growing tourist flow

Daily rent of apartments in Sochi in the summer of 2022 may double in price compared to the prices at which Sochi real estate was rented out in the spring of this year.

The growth of the tourist flow in Sochi may lead to a sharp rise in the price of daily apartment rentals this summer. It is predicted that in August, renting a house in Sochi will be 70-100% more expensive than it was this spring.

Currently, you can book apartments in Sochi for the month of August for at least 7,000 rubles per day, while back in the spring, similar housing was rented in the most popular Russian resort for no more than 3,000 rubles per day. This price will have to be paid for living in comfort class apartments and it can be assumed that the price tag will continue to grow as August approaches.

When renting a property in a resort, you must follow the most elementary legal rules in order to avoid being deceived by scammers who post ads on the Internet about apartments that do not actually exist. First, all owners must be personally present at the signing of the lease agreement. Secondly, the lease agreement can be signed by one of the owners of the property, but only with the written consent of the other owners. Thirdly, it is imperative to draw up an act of acceptance and transfer, record the payment in writing and take a receipt from the owner for the deposit. By following these simple rules, the tenant can easily insure himself and relax at any Russian resort without hassle.

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