Holidays on the Black Sea coast
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The cost of tour packages to the Black Sea resorts Summer-2020 starts from 26 thousand rubles

After the opening of the region to visitors, prices for accommodation in the Black Sea resorts jumped several times.

According to official statistics, the most famous Russian resort of Sochi received half a million tourists in two months and there will be even more. Until about mid-July, prices in Sochi hotels were 20-30% lower than last year, but now prices have risen several times. As for the prices for food and entertainment, they remained at the level of last year. You can dine in the Sochi canteen for 250 rubles; in a local restaurant, a modest lunch will cost from 600 rubles per person. Tables for a gourmet restaurant must be booked in advance, as due to the coronavirus, wealthy Russians are now also going to rest on the Black Sea coast.

More than 20 beaches in Sochi have been awarded the Blue Flag high quality mark. It is awarded for service, infrastructure and a set of eco-standards in the form of high-quality water, separate waste collection and compliance with sanitary conditions. The most popular of them are "Riviera" and "Seagull". In the city center there is a free municipal beach "Circus", where you can rent sun loungers if you wish. The wild beaches "Krasny Sturm" and the coast between Khosta and Kudepsta can be reached by bus or taxi. Fans of mountain hikes, rafting and cycling will find hotels in Krasnaya Polyana, where rest is now the most budgetary. By paying 26-32 thousand rubles, two people can stay in a three-star hotel. Anything cheaper than this price belongs to two-star hotels.

Fans of private rest should come to the resort in autumn, when the influx of tourists may subside. The number of bookings in Sochi hotels for September is still lower than the summer months.

Due to the pandemic, service personnel and vacationers are advised to maintain social distance, wear masks in public places and use disinfectants.

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